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Currently, a lot of people are receiving eMails advertising CYTV stock. This is a Chinese company, and I have nothing whatsoever to do with them or with the people sending these eMails (which are scammers who are just abusing this company for their pump-and-dump scheme). Yes, this website shows up first on Google for "cytv", but that's because of my software project "CyTV", which is in no way related to the company with the stock symbol "CYTV". It's an unfortunate name/abbreviation clash - that's all. No one is advertising this website, and the first Google result is not always what you're looking for. Google is not God!

Please stop sending me eMails asking me to "take me off your list" or saying "you are sending spam"!

Thank you!

PS A lot of people are suggesting that I should "clear my name" and "fix it", even though I have nothing to do with it. Just ask yourself this question: What would you do if you had a private homepage that would be mistaken as a source of stock spam? How would you "fix it"? Just ask yourself this before demanding a fix from me!

CyTV overview
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CyTV is a streaming solution for elgato's EyeTV family of TV tuners. It allows you to watch TV and recorded programs over a local network (wired or wireless) or the internet. You can pause and resume live TV on the client ("timeshift"), and you can also change channels remotely. Details about the supported tuner models can be found in the compatibility chart below.

The CyTV Server requires a Mac with an EyeTV unit. On the client(s), you can use the VideoLAN Client (VLC) media player to play the stream, so you can watch on any platform supported by VLC (and there are many!). The distribution also contains a special client application for Macs that gives you more control (like watching previous recordings, skipping back and forth, etc.).

For more information, see the manual which is also included in the distribution.

CyTV is distributed under the GNU General Public License. If you like it and want to support development, please consider making a donation!


  Overview    News    Compatibility    Installation    Download    Links   


New beta version 0.6-pre5 with the following fixes:
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the client from connecting via Rendezvous/Bonjour on Intel Macs.
  • Fixed several transcoding problems (including crashes, not receiving audio and/or video, and lip sync issues).


New beta version 0.6-pre4 with the following fix:
  • Fixed an endian problem in the network code that would prevent the client from working correctly and the server from quitting cleanly. This issue only affected Intel Macs.


There's now a Yahoo! Group for CyTV where you can discuss features, problems, etc. with other users. I can't promise how active I'll be there, but I'll stop by from time to time.


New beta version 0.6-pre3 with the following improvements:
  • CyTV is now a universal binary.
  • You can now select an audio track for transcoding.
  • Recordings made with EyeTV EZ and similar models should now work for streaming.
and fixes:
  • Channel names are now determined reliably.
  • Fixed a crash when starting the server.
  • The durations of live streams and recordings are now determined more reliably.
  • Various other fixes (see change log)


New version 0.5.4 with the following improvements:
  • Support for EyeTV 2
  • Support for VLC 0.8.4a (although because of artifacts in MPEG-2 playback, you might want to stay with 0.8.2 for now)
  • Integration of the current ffmpeg CVS version
and fixes:
  • Fixed the initial 1-minute delay when transcoding MPEG2 streams
  • Fixed a problem with newer EyeTV versions where the TV window could not be closed by CyTV
  • Automatically reset the stream and restart VLC if it hangs (e.g. when the aspect ratio changes)
  • Don't try to connect in manual mode when the hostname/IP field is empty


Daniel Knippers has started development of a Windows client application for CyTV!

  Overview    News    Compatibility    Installation    Download    Links   

CyTV can work with numerous devices supported by the EyeTV software. The table below shows which devices can be used with CyTV for streaming live TV and recordings:

Device Live TV streaming Streaming of recordings
EyeTV USB Yes Yes
EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0 No Maybe (3)
EyeTV 200 Yes Yes
EyeTV 250 Yes (1)(4) Yes (1)
EyeTV 300/310 Yes (1) Yes (1)
EyeTV 400/410 Yes (1) Yes (1)
EyeTV 500 Yes (1) Yes (1)
EyeTV 610 Yes Yes
EyeTV EZ No Maybe (3)
EyeTV for DTT (TerraTec Cinergy T2) Yes (1) Yes (1)
TerraTec Cinergy 400/450 No Maybe (3)
TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS (Digital mode) Probably (2) Probably (2)
TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS (Analog mode) No Maybe (3)
Satelco EasyWatch Probably (2) Probably (2)
Plextor ConvertX (PX-TV402U) Yes (1) Yes (1)
Miglia EvolutionTV Probably (2) Probably (2)
Miglia TVMini Yes (1) Yes (1)
Miglia TVMini HD Probably (2) Probably (2)
Miglia TVMicro No Maybe (3)
SCM CardBus DVB-T Probably (2) Probably (2)
Twinhan DTV Alpha DVB-T Yes (1) Yes (1)
(1) According to user feedback (not tested by myself).
(2) Not confirmed by anyone, but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work. Feedback is welcome!
(3) Experimentally supported in CyTV, but untested. Feedback is needed!
(4) Not in Game Mode.

  Overview    News    Compatibility    Installation    Download    Links   

Download the disk image linked to below and open it. The included Read Me will tell you all you need to know to use CyTV.

On the clients (Mac or other), you need the VLC player. The CyTV disk image also contains a special CyTV client for Mac OS X (but you still need VLC in addition to it!).

  Overview    News    Compatibility    Installation    Download    Links   

CyTV disk image (version 0.6-pre5, 04/26/2006, 4.1 MB)cytv_0_6_pre5.dmg
Source code (version 0.6-pre5, 04/26/2006, 616 KB)cytv_src_0_6_pre5.tgz
CyTV disk image (version 0.5.4, 01/30/2006, 2.4 MB)cytv_0_5_4.dmg
Source code (version 0.5.4, 01/30/2006, 552 KB)cytv_src_0_5_4.tgz

  Overview    News    Compatibility    Installation    Download    Links   

Yahoo! Group for CyTVhttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/cytv/
elgato EyeTV Tunerhttp://www.elgato.com
VLC media playerhttp://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html
Windows client application for CyTVhttp://www.tudra.net/cytv/

Last update: 10/08/2006