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This page explains how to create a working cross compiler for the Zaurus under Mac OS X. While it's fairly easy to create a cross compiler based on GCC 3.1, the version used here is GCC 2.95.3 (which makes things more complicated). The reason for this is that all libraries on the Zaurus, whether from Sharp or from third parties, are compiled with GCC 2.95 and can't be used from GCC 3 based code.

This is only a pure cross compiler. To develop applications for the GUI on the Zaurus (Qtopia), you need additional tools.

  Overview    Prerequisites    How to build    Download   

Apple's developer tools must be installed. Also, you need the following archives to get started:

Source code for GNU Binutils (at least version 2.13)12.4 MB
Source code for GNU GCC core version MB
Source code for GNU GCC g++ version MB
Source code for GNU GCC Objective-C version 2.93.3236 KB
Necessary patches for GCC 2.95.336 KB
RPM to CPIO converter4 KB
glibc for the Zaurus16.9 MB
Kernel headers for the Zaurus1.1 MB

  Overview    Prerequisites    How to build    Download   

First, create the directories listed in the following table. The left column shows the place holders used in the following explanations. The directories can be at arbitrary locations, but they must not contain any spaces (nor must any of their parent directories). This constraint could only be lifted by changing the configure scripts of the GNU tools used in the process - if anybody feels like doing this, please send me the patches :-).

Short namePurpose
<src-dir>Directory where the sources will be unpacked. This directory should be empty.
<work-dir>Directory where the binary cross development environment will be installed. This directory should be empty.
<arc-dir>Directory with the necessary archives.

<arc-dir> is the place where the archives listed in the previous section are expected. If you didn't download them to a single directory (or to a directory containing also other files), please copy them to a separate place. You can also use symbolic links if you want.

Now download and execute this script which works like this:

  > /some/path/makecross.sh --srcdir <src-dir> --workdir <work-dir> --arcdir <arc-dir>
The script will create the cross compiler and compile a little "Hello World" program. You can specify the directories in a relative or absolute way. Be prepared for the script to take some time (about half an our on my iMac G4/800). To test if everything worked you should copy the resulting "a.out" file from <src-dir> to the Zaurus and execute it.

  Overview    Prerequisites    How to build    Download   

Necessary patches for GCC 2.95.3 (36 KB)gcc-patches.tgz
Script for automatic setup of the cross compiler (07/23/2003, 8 KB)makecross.sh

Last update: 02/16/2004